Our board realized that one of our most valuable assets are the unsold timeshare weeks owned by the association and that our association benefits by adding additional owners and thereby increasing the amount of funds received by our Annual Maintenance Fees.  Currently we rent these weeks to help bring in our costs to the HOA.  

Our Board decided to announce a special program whereby, on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, any owner in good standing can refer a family member or friend to get one or more additional timeshare weeks here at Marsh Harbour at no cost except for a $50 closing fee.  At this time there are only 50 weeks available for this program in Red, White and Blue periods.


Free Timeshare Weeks Available


If you or anyone you know (family or friends) would like a no cost timeshare, we will deed a week over for use or exchange immediately.  The deed will be held in escrow for up to five years, depending on the type of week you are requesting and to assure that the maintenance fees are paid during this time.  Thereafter, the deed will be recorded and sent to you to add to your portfolio of real estate holdings.  The reason for the escrow period is for the protection of our association from someone using the week once or twice and then defaulting and forcing the homeowners to go through the costly and time consuming foreclosure process.  

Now you can vacation more often in a Marsh Harbour villa at no additional purchase cost to you.  Or use your new week to exchange to over 4,000 resorts now in the RCI network.  All week types are available: Red, White and Blue weeks.  

Contact us directly here at Marsh Harbour at (910) 579-3700 to reserve a timeshare week of your choice.  Depending on the response to this trial program, it may be extended, however, inventory is limited, so this is a limited-time offer.