How To Use Your Week

As a Marsh Harbour timeshare owner, you may use your week to vacation at Marsh Harbour, or you can exchange your week through Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the preferred exchange network for our resort.

There are four types of ownership weeks at Marsh Harbour.  Weeks are designated in these groups by their week numbers.  Use a Vacation Ownership Calendar for specific dates.  The four ownership types are :

Blue Weeks   1 - 8  &  48 - 53 

White Weeks  9 - 14  & 44 - 47

Float Red Weeks  15 - 19  &  38 - 43

Fixed Red Weeks  20 - 37

What type of week do you own?

You can find out your week number by looking at an invoice or bill from the H.O.A. or you may look on your deed.  EXAMPLE: You may see a number like this: "01/40" under the Unit/Week heading.  The unit/week number is 01/40; The unit number is always first and the week number is second, therefore the week number in this case is 40, or a Float Red Week.